A downloadable card game

Tribal is a turn-based card game with an emphasis on base building, resource management, and sound strategy. The goal of the game is to destroy your opponents main base, you do so with a combination of creature and spell cards, all the while gathering resources from your own structures that you'll want to defend. Tribal is a game about factions of fantasy races vying for control over a mysterious new land, as they battle it out for every bit of terriorty they can get.

We aim to continue development of this game over the next few weeks and plan to get most of the card abilties down as soon as possible. Depending on how our kickstarter goes, we may also come back to this to add new cards and introduce the three remaining factions yet to come.

Install instructions

Run on a multi display setup, with your main display on the right hand side.


TribalGame.exe 635 kB